At 17 years old, Ryan Lee began working in the rock work industry learning advanced techniques of building and sculpting from some of the leading rock companies of that time. Growing up on the California coast and frequently visiting family in Kauai, Ryan loved nature and studied the movement of water and how it interacts with geological forms. Applying this knowledge, he grew a passion for the unique art of working with his hands to create beautiful spaces through rock work.


In 1999, Ryan and his wife Vanessa co-founded Matrix Concrete Artisans, Inc. with the guiding principles of functional design and unmatched structural quality.


From the beginning, Matrix Concrete Artisans has specialized in custom artificial rockwork within the residential and commercial fields. Our innovative designs and commitment to excellence have earned us a solid reputation as industry leaders throughout Southern California. With our small highly skilled teams, we utilize cutting edge techniques to produce rockwork that is recognized for its quality and detail.


In 2017 we were honored to partner with world-renowned rock artist Philip di Giacomo to fine-tune our techniques and expand our business internationally.


With over thirty years of experience, we continue to innovate and push the creative limits of rock work but will always rely on our original philosophy of functional design and unmatched quality to guide us into the future.