Ponds & Streams

If you are looking for tranquility, a pond or stream is an excellent way to bring it home. We believe that combining the texture of real rock into steams and waterways is the best approach to be true to nature. The outer coping shapes of a pond or stream are edgeless and flowing. We offer a variety of choices for your landscape design needs such as koi ponds, creeks, bridges,
waterless ponds, and tranquil weeping walls.



Koi ponds provide a beautiful tranquil oasis right in your own backyard! MCA knows that a successful koi pond starts with the basic construction of the pond itself. From the size, shape, depth, and location, we can expertly design a koi pond specifically for your landscape. With all of these factors addressed a koi pond should only require minimal weekly attention and provide years and years of never-ending wonder and enjoyment.



Rock streams are excellent alone or incorporated around a waterfall. Using low water meandering streams to connect a water feature enhances the dimension of the landscape and is a unique place to sit and discover nature. Envision a secret water garden complete with bridges and stepping-stones over ponds and streams to create a truly extraordinary environment.


If you are looking to add the calming sound of flowing water to your environment without the maintenance of a pond or the dangers of standing water then a pondless waterfall is a great solution. Pondless waterfalls are not only a safer alternative for those with children but they also require less maintenance than a traditional waterfall and pond basin.

Water Feature2
Weeping Waterfalls


Weeping walls are a very subtle type of waterfall. We find that the best uses of weeping walls are around entryways or gathering areas where you and your guests can enjoy the trickling sound of a gentle waterfall. When illuminated at night, they are a stylish focal attraction.


A custom-built bridge can add an element of adventure to the landscape design. Nothing can compare like the feeling of walking over a pool or stream to truly make the environment have that resort-style feel. Typically, bridges are used around water gardens, entryways, or as an access point leading to hidden areas such as a secret rock cove and fire pit. MCA can assist in the design of how to incorporate a bridge into your landscape by balancing the elements of rock, water, and plant life.