What is Geomorphology? To sculpt rocks that mimic Mother Nature, one has to truly understand the processes of geomorphology. The movement of rocks can occur either slowly (erosion, wind, and water) or suddenly (earthquakes, landslides, or flooding). We capture this movement in our designs to create rocks that are not only stunning but functional spaces.


 A rock may appear like a stagnant form to some but we see rocks as a story of millions of years of internal and external forces shaping summits and eroding cliffs. Rocks are the result of Earth’s dynamic processes creating structural transformations through such things as weathering and movement.



Nature is remarkable in that one tiny seed carried by the wind can land within a rock crevice and become a thriving plant. Plants growing within rock crevices bring life to rock features. 


When smaller pieces of rock erode from the larger rock it is called talus. These usually result from the forces of nature such as weathering or earth movement.



Our coloring process is more than just applying paint to rock but a more thoughtful application of color to tell a story of how Mother Nature would through natural processes.